3 Floral Installations Which Will Bring The Wow Factor To Your Wedding Day

3 floral installations which will bring the wow factor to your wedding day

05 June 2019
Floral inspiration we know you’ll love

Nothing brings the wow factor to your wedding day than a killer floral installation as a back drop. Once upon a time this would have consisted of a wooden arbour delicately decorated with pretty florals. Don’t get us wrong we love the classic wooden arbour look but these days our talented florists are pushing floral installations to a whole new level and we are loving it! Here are 3 floral installations which will leave you speechless.

1. Incorporate the natural surroundings.

We love how this floral installation makes the most of the natural structures already found in our ‘Old Gates’ ceremony location. Florists these days are pretty resourceful and can find a way to attach flowers to almost every surface. The natural toned flowers creeping up the giant tree looks effortlessly styled, leaving you with a relaxed yet elegant themed ceremony location. What do you think?

Florist: Le Sans Souci Flowers

Chairs In The Venue
Wedding Venue Side
Tree With Flowers
Venue Aesthetics
Tree Inside Gabbinbar

2. Give it some height baby!

For those couples who are pushing a guest list on the larger side of life, space can be somewhat of an issue when it comes to your reception. However, this doesn’t mean you need to forgo a floral installation, after all no couple should be denied flowers on their wedding day. All you need to do is lift it up baby! Our ‘Conservatory’ which is our most popular reception area has multiple points on the ceiling where your florist can suspend floral arrangements. Here’s an example of how some simple greenery suspended from the ceiling brings a whole new dimension to your styling.

Florist: Happiness is a Garden

Reception Venue
Couple Kissing Reception
Hanging Plants Reception

3. Mix flowers with light for a winning combination.

If you want to create a room which oozes romance and a place where your guests feel warm and welcome than combining light with a floral installation is a must. We love how this couple used both fairy lights and festoon lighting throughout our ‘Conservatory’ to create a soft ambient light. By adding the suspended floral arrangement and softly draping the fairy lights, this clever couple have lowered the ceiling height to create an intimate and inviting reception location.

Florist & Styling: Main Event Weddings

Lighting Reception
Lighting Arrangement
Reception Hall With Hanging Plant On The Center
Lighting Arrangement Floral
Lighting Arrangement Center
Lighting Arrangement Front


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