5 Bridesmaid Dresses We Know You’ll Love

5 bridesmaid dresses we know you’ll love

20 March 2019
Dive into some drop-dead gorgeous bridesmaid dress inspiration

So, you’ve got your wedding dress sorted, you know what style of wedding you want, now it’s time to find your bridesmaids a drop-dead gorgeous outfit. To get the ball rolling we’ve hand-picked some of our favourite bridesmaid dresses which have walked down the aisle at Gabbinbar Homestead. We have a mix of traditional plus a few modern options to send your imagination running wild. So, what are you waiting for – start scrolling!

1. Dark, elegant and perfect for a black-tie wedding

Are you having a black-tie wedding? Well, we think this bridesmaid dress option might tickle your fancy. The dark navy colour looks so elegant and provides a striking contrast against the light tones of your wedding dress.

Black Tie Wedding

2. Be brave, mix and match dresses.

How good do these bridesmaid dresses look all together? Yes, it may be traditional to have all your bridesmaids dressed in the same dress but we are now seeing more bridal parties pushing the boundaries and we are a big fan!

Mix And Match Dresses

3. We’re obsessed with this earthy, natural combination.

Earthy, natural toned bridesmaid dresses are one of the latest trends hitting the aisles and to be honest we are just a little bit obsessed. If you are wanting a relaxed, paired back style for your bridal party then we’d strongly recommend considering a bridesmaid dress in the nude tones. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

Earthy Natural Combination

4. Same, same but different.

If you would like your bridesmaids to each wear something different but you are a little daunted by the full-on mix matched look than why not consider bridesmaid dresses in the same colour tone? This allows your bridesmaids to show their personality, dress for their body type but also all look cohesive. Our hot tip is to make sure you pick florals in the same tones as well, this will help bring everything together and look like it’s meant to be.

Same But Different

5. Combining tradition with a touch of modern style.

We couldn’t finish our blog post without showing you these gorgeous bridesmaid dresses. Although not for everyone, these Indian saree bridesmaid dresses are the perfect example of how you can add a modern twist but still include traditions that you hold close to your heart.

Tradition With A Touch Of Modern


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