5 Tips for Your Wedding Day that You Need to Know

5 Tips For Your Wedding Day That You Need To Know

27 December 2018
Our Wedding Planning Team Spill The Beans On Some Of Their Handy Tips And Tricks

It’s safe to say the Wedding Planning team certainly have a truck load of tips and tricks which they regularly share with our Gabbinbar Homestead brides. We’d love to tell you all of them, but we’d be here all day so let’s stick with our top five. To ensure your special day is nothing but comfortable and seamless, we recommend following these handy five tips.

1. Have a pair of flats under the dinner table.

Yes, we’ve all been there – the aching calves, the sore feet, the crushed toes. Although heels make us look fantastic, they take their toll on our poor feet after a while. We recommend stashing a pair of flats underneath the dinner table so you can subtly swap those heels for something more comfortable (trust us, no one will even notice).

2. Have the essentials on-hand.

Now by essentials we mean hair spray, baby wipes and soda water. These might all sound like odd things to have on hand but hairspray, baby wipes and soda water all do wonders to get those nasty makeup stains out of dresses and suits.

3. Heel stoppers are a must.

Obviously heel stoppers are a must if you’re rocking a stiletto and grass is involved. But even if your wedding venue only includes hard surfaces still consider a pair of heel stoppers. Heel stoppers are a great way to add a little extra support so you stay steady on your pins. That way you can have the best of both worlds – a show-stopping stiletto with support, now that’s almost unheard of.

4. A cup of peppermint tea to start your day.

Peppermint tea is the perfect beverage to sip on whilst you get ready in our ‘Bride’s Retreat’. It’s a natural way to help calm the nerves and those little butterflies fluttering around in your tummy.

5. Pump your favourite playlist.

To keep things pumping along as you get ready in the morning, compile a playlist of all your favourite songs. It will help you stay relaxed, keep the nerves at bay and of course you’ll have heaps of fun bopping along to some tunes with your bridesmaids. Make sure you keep the tone of the music upbeat - you don’t want your mascara running before you’ve even walked down the aisle.


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