Five Wedding Bouquets We Know You’ll Love

5 wedding bouquets we know you’ll love

19 July 2018
Floral inspiration for your wedding, bursting with prettiness
Wedding bouquets are a key asset when defining your theme for your wedding. Whether it’s a relaxed and tussled bouquet or a structured and elegant bouquet, the flowers you choose for your wedding really bring your theme to life. It’s impossible to show you all the beautiful bouquets we’ve seen gracing the grounds of Gabbinbar Homestead but here are just a few of our favourites.

1. Neutral tones which are oh so elegant.

You simply can’t go wrong with a palette of neutral tones when it comes to your wedding bouquet. Create detail with different textures and foliage throughout the bouquet. We love the classic and understated elegance of this bouquet; the white tones work beautifully with the intricate detail of her wedding dress.

White Flowers Wedding Bouquet

2. Bright, bold and colourful.

An abundance of colour we just can’t forget. A mix of brightly coloured poppies and roses, this wedding bouquet is bursting with beauty. Styled with the groom’s matching coloured bow tie, this wedding certainly was a colourful affair.

Bride Holding Her Groom and Bouquet

3. Relaxed, bohemian florals.

The soft green foliage falling from this bouquet gives it that relaxed bohemian feel you might be looking for. The colour palette is simple which immediately draws your attention to the mix of rich dark green foliage — the hero of this wedding bouquet.
Elegant Bouquet of Flowers
Florist: Melinda Southwell - Friend of the Bride

4. A modern take on Australian natives.

A wedding bouquet filled with Australian natives has been a style we’ve seen at Gabbinbar Homestead for many years now. This wedding bouquet caught our eye though, we think it’s a modern take on the usual Australian native wedding bouquet. The soft pink protea is the star of the show combined beautifully with the dark green and brown tones of the magnolia leaves. We don’t often see those two paired together but it’s a winner in our books.
Bouquet of Different Flowers

5. Wildflower inspired and full of texture.

The free-flowing structure of this wedding bouquet gives it that wildflower inspired look. We’re a little bit obsessed with the array of different pastel tones, so much so we can’t decide which colour we like the most. The eucalyptus in this bouquet gives it a completely different shape and adds a subtle rustic touch.
Floral Arrangement in Different Colours
Photographer: Lily Fern Photography


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