A Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Menu

A Guide To Choosing Your Wedding Menu

3 MAY 2018
Gabbinbar Homestead Helps You Navigate The Abundance Of Menu Styles Available

Let’s face it, no matter if you’re a die-hard foodie or not, the menu you choose for your wedding day is one of those big-ticket items and something you want your guests to remember for all the right reasons. At Gabbinbar Homestead we offer a range of menu styles so that you can infuse a dose of your personality and style into your celebration. You can choose from three main menu styles; a stand-up cocktail style menu, the classic alternate drop and a feasting menu. Here’s all you need to know.

A stand-up affair – canapes, live cooking stations and deluxe grazing tables.

A stand-up cocktail style reception is perfect to ensure your guests are relaxed, mingle to the max and most importantly the newlyweds can get amongst their guests. We love that guests can eat when they feel like it and taste a range of different foods without the flow of the evening being interrupted too much. A stand-up cocktail style reception at Gabbinbar Homestead includes much more than your typical finger food. We have live cooking stations which are positioned in the garden and provide guests with a unique experience as our chef’s grill, prepare and serve a garden feast in front of them. And don’t forget about our breath-taking antipasto grazing boards and interactive drink stations.

Cooking Station in The Garden
Food Buffet

Classic alternate drop menu – create a formal and elegant ambience for your special day.

If you’re looking to create a wedding reception which oozes elegance and tradition you can’t go past the classic alternate drop menu. An alternate drop menu provides quick service to your guests as everyone is served at the same time, leaving plenty of time for formalities and dancing. Plus, wastage is kept to a minimum as the chef will plan each portion to the tee. At Gabbinbar Homestead you can choose from over 10 different dishes to create your alternate drop menu, we have something to suit all taste buds. Or why not try our ‘duo style menu’; the duos are a fabulous option to alternate drop where your guests will experience two smaller sized mains on the one plate.

Main Course Meal
Plated Meal on The Table

Feasting style menu – homely, intimate and naturally encourages conversation.

This communal style of dining is perfect for creating a relaxed and intimate ambience, as guests are encouraged to help themselves to a variety of food in the form of shared platters placed in the middle of the table. A feasting style menu is similar to a large family dinner; it’s all about friends coming together and sharing food. At Gabbinbar Homestead you’ll be guaranteed to please the ultimate ‘foodie’ as you choose three different meats combined with three different sides.

Arranged Flowers Foods Plates on The Table
Foods with Flowers as Centerpiece


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Endless Photograph Opportunities At Gabbinbar Homestead

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