Caitlin and Alexander with their wedding cake

Caitlin & Alexander

Autumn 2018

Brisbane based couple, Caitlin and Alexander hosted a beautiful daytime wedding at Gabbinbar Homestead. Caitlin and Alexander mixed things up and held their ceremony in the ‘Conservatory’ and our first long lunch style reception in ‘The Pavilion’.

It’s probably the one love story where we can actually say this bride was the catch of the day. Caitlin and Alexander were holidaying in New Zealand while visiting Alexander’s family. On New Year’s Day, they both decided to spend the afternoon fly fishing (well… Alexander was fly fishing and Caitlin was nose deep in a good book on the river bank). After several hours and catching no fish, Alexander went for the ‘big catch’, and asked Caitlin to marry him as he climbed up the river bank.

Caitlin and Alexander were after an elegant garden party wedding so when they stepped foot onto the Gabbinbar Homestead estate they immediately knew they had found the right venue. “The gardens were immaculately maintained and the outlook from ‘The Pavilion’ over the grounds was stunning.” With a large proportion of their guests travelling from interstate, Caitlin and Alexander knew Toowoomba would be just as easy as hosting their wedding in Brisbane with direct flights available from Sydney and Melbourne to the Toowoomba airport.

The styling for Caitlin and Alexander’s long lunch reception was a mix of blue, green and white floral arrangements which contrasted beautifully against the crisp white table linen and white ceiling of ‘The Pavilion’. Guests enjoyed themselves on the front lawn with drinks, canapés and live music before sitting down for lunch in ‘The Pavilion’. Toowoomba really turned on the weather that day, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun was shining so the view from ‘The Pavilion’ was spectacular. Enjoying their first dance on the lush green grass, Caitlin and Alexander danced the afternoon away to good old classic, ‘My Maria’ by Brooks and Dunn.

Caitlin and Alexander had some helpful advice for future couples. “The choices for vendors and suppliers can be overwhelming, so try to narrow it down early on. Work with people/vendors/suppliers who you trust, so you feel confident they will do their best for you on your wedding day, and leave the stressing to the professionals.”

Caitlin kissing her groom, Alexander
Caitlin looking at Alexander while they are holding hands
Caitlin and Alexander's wedding guests in the garden
Caitlin and Alexander's wedding venue
Beautiful bouquet of flowers
Caitlin and Alexander with their entourage
Caitlin and Alexander with their entourage
Caitlin and Alexander in their wedding attires
Caitlin and her bridesmaids
Caitlin and her bridesmaids holding their flowers
Caitlin and Alexander's wedding table napkin
Caitlin and Alexander's wedding reception
Caitlin and Alexander's wedding party
Caitlin and Alexander walking
Caitlin and Alexander giving speech to their wedding guests
Caitlin and Alexander celebrating their marriage
Caitlin and Alexander dancing in the garden



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