Five Reasons to Have a Country Destination Wedding

Five reasons to have a country destination wedding

13 NOVEMBER 2017
Gabbinbar Homestead, Queensland’s wedding destination

Still undecided on whether or not you should plan a country destination wedding? Here are five reasons which we think will help make your decision that little bit easier.

1. Break the mould and stand out from your friends.

A destination wedding allows you to stand out from the crowd instead of choosing a hometown wedding venue already used by one of your friends. Break the mould and do something different; get out of town for the weekend and head to a new destination where your guests haven’t been before. At Gabbinbar Homestead you can create your own unique wedding. We have few venue rules so we encourage you to be as creative as possible. Plus, with the Toowoomba airport only 20 minutes away your guests can easily fly in from major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns and Darwin.

It's easier, our wedding planners are here to help.

We have four full-time Wedding Planners at Gabbinbar Homestead who will help bring your wedding to fruition. We can help you by creating customised lists of local florists, photographers and stylists to help you narrow down the selection of vendors which can be somewhat overwhelming. Our Wedding Planning Team will be on-hand to be your personal assistants on your wedding day to ensure everything runs smoothly; we will take care of your guests as though they are guests in our own home.

3. You can save on décor and styling.

You bring the guests and we’ll supply the stunning backdrop for your wedding. Gabbinbar Homestead is a picturesque location surrounded by 25 acres of beautiful gardens. Our gardens are green, lush and immaculately maintained which means you don’t have to spend a lot on flowers and styling accessories to dress the venue. Take our ceremony location, ‘The Woods’ for example, the natural green canopy created by the Silky Oaks, Weeping Ficus and Bunya Pines creates a breathtaking setting. We have permanently installed festoon lighting amongst the trees which give ‘The Woods’ a warm ambient light. To finish the space, we provide rustic wooden benches to create an intimate ceremony location. What more do you need?

4. Enjoy quality time with your guests.

A standard wedding often lasts for approximately five hours whereas a country destination wedding is often a three-day affair. This means you won’t need to rush around on your wedding night trying to say hello to everyone. Relax, mingle and spend quality time with your guests during your three days stay in Toowoomba. The Gabbinbar Homestead estate is yours for the entire day, we encourage you to treat it as your home and create special memories for your guests which you will cherish forever.

5. Your guests can enjoy a holiday and save money too.

Everyone loves an excuse to take a holiday or mini-break. Often when you’re booking accommodation for large groups you can receive a group discount (everybody wins). Toowoomba has over 3,000 rooms of quality accommodation available so you will have plenty to choose from. Wedding guests are lucky enough to experience the very best of what Toowoomba has to offer when attending a wedding at Gabbinbar Homestead. When guests walk through the Gabbinbar Homestead gates they can admire the 25 acres of beautiful gardens which surround the homestead; the stunning gardens are of course an iconic Toowoomba attraction. To wrap up their experience, guests will have the opportunity to taste some of the region’s finest food with a delicious gourmet meal prepared by our Head Chef, Bernhard Kohlhuber.


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