Hosting a Summer Wedding?

Hosting a Summer Wedding?

22 November 2018
Here Are Three Tips To Keep Your Wedding Guests Cool This Summer

Summer is certainly a busy time of year here at Gabbinbar Homestead. It is our peak flower season and the temperatures in Toowoomba are typically cooler than the rest of Queensland with much lower humidity. We are often blessed with warm (not hot), blue sky days so it is no wonder a Summertime Gabbinbar wedding is one of the most popular choices for many couples.

To ensure your wedding guests remain comfortable throughout your wedding we’ve compiled three simple tips that will make your Summer wedding memorable for all the right reasons.

1. Provide multiple shade options for your wedding guests.

It’s important to take into consideration how many wedding guests you have versus what shade options you have available. There is nothing cool about all your wedding guests huddling under one small tree trying to get a little reprieve from the sun. If you’re having an afternoon ceremony in Summer make sure there is enough shade for all your wedding guests. Luckily, at Gabbinbar Homestead our gardens are mostly shaded providing a gorgeous green canopy to keep your guests cool as cucumbers. Plus, when the ceremony is finished and you would like your guests to enjoy some beverages on the lawn, we have a selection of large white umbrellas which look spectacular scattered across the front lawn.

Photography: Jessica Turich, Dan Von Hoff Photography
Gabbinbar Garden
Guests In The Garden

2. Cool refreshments are a must.

When it comes to selecting your menu for your special day keep in mind that a Summer’s day in Toowoomba may just be upwards of 30°C. Don’t worry though, Gabbinbar has plenty of cool refreshments to choose from to keep your wedding guests nothing but cool, calm and comfortable. Our vintage ice cream trike looks fabulous parked under a shady tree on our front lawns. Plus, when it comes to drinks we can set up a Pimm’s Station and also a water station to keep your guests hydrated. There is nothing better than a glass of icy Pimm’s on a Summer’s day.

Photography: Kait Photography, Tall Timber Studio
Station Of Cool Refreshments In The Garden

3. Select an appropriate dress code.

Black tie weddings with all the ladies dressed in full length gowns certainly is an impressive sight. If you are going to choose black tie as your dress code in Summer, just be conscious of what time you host your ceremony. To ensure your guests comfort select something for late afternoon so the temperature is starting to head south, particularly if your ceremony is outside. Or if you would like your ceremony to start earlier in the day, why not select a cocktail dress code?

Photography: Deb Boots Photography
Bride With Her Lady Guests
Guests Busy Talking In The Garden


Wedding Bouquet Inspiration For The Modern Bride

Wedding Bouquet Inspiration For The Modern Bride

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Three Bouquets Which Are Pushing The Non-Traditional Boundaries

When it comes to wedding bouquets the choices really are endless. The flowers you choose really enhance the theme or feel you are trying to create for your wedding. For example, just with the addition of a tumbling, wildflower bouquet you can create a bohemian feel to your special day. We love that our brides are pushing the boundaries and thinking outside the box when it comes to their bouquet. Here are three wedding bouquets for the modern bride who really wants to make a statement on her wedding day.

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The Ultimate Guide To Creating A ‘Spring Garden Party’ Wedding At Gabbinbar Homestead

The Ultimate Guide To Creating A ‘Spring Garden Party’ Wedding At Gabbinbar Homestead

Thursday, 12 October 2018

Think Pimm’s, Live Cooking Stations And Fun-Filled Lawn Games Amongst Our Gardens

Spring has sprung and it’s got the Gabbinbar Homestead team a little bit excited. One of our favourite wedding themes’ is, of course, the ‘Spring Garden Party’. Spring time in Toowoomba is simply beautiful, the weather is perfect for some outdoor mingling amongst our 25 acres of gardens. So, we thought it’s time we shared our secrets, here’s the ultimate guide to creating your ‘Spring Garden Party’ wedding at Gabbinbar Homestead.

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