James & Lucinda in the Conservatory at Gabbinbar Homestead

James & Lucinda

Autumn 2019

James and Lucinda’s story started in Darwin; he was a pilot and she was a nurse.  They lived next door to each other but they had never met. That was until their housemates played cupid and provided the important common link, introducing James and Lucinda at a local house party. And the rest, as they say, is history. 

Now for the proposal (we love this bit).  James proposed when they were living in Auckland and after an amazing day surfing at Raglan, on the West Coast of New Zealand, they drove home and decided, like they often would do, to climb Mt Eden for some wine and cheese to watch the sunset over the Waitemata Harbour. It was here that James proposed on top of the Volcano, a perfect end to a perfect day!

James and Lucinda knew they wanted to have their wedding somewhere in South-East Queensland, as it had been home for both of them at different times over the years and was easily accessible for their guests coming from all ends of the country! Having looked at a number of venues in the area before they got to Toowoomba, it was Gabbinbar Homestead that blew James and Lucinda away. “Apart from being such a stunning location, all the staff made the whole process seamless and we simply felt at home,” said Lucinda.

The moment which stole the show for the happy couple came towards the end of the night, “we stepped out of the homestead onto the front veranda to find the whole garden had transformed into the most magical scene. A layer of fog had settled amongst the trees; it was breathtaking and felt like the perfect ending to our special day” said Lucinda.

We love it when DIY forms part of our couple’s day and this wedding was no exception. “I was so lucky because my very talented brother has a metal fabrication business in Brisbane, he built the copper rings which our florist festooned with flowers and suspended from the conservatory roof,” said Lucinda. We’re sure that you would agree, the effect was spectacular!

Groom giving his bride a hug from the back while looking at each other
Newly wed couple dancing in the middle of the  night
Happy couple holding hands and touching nose
Beautiful bride sitting on the couch while looking outside
Fancy glasswares on the table
Wedding reception decorations
Glasswares on the tables with candles as centerpieces
Arranged flowers as table centerpiece
Table signage
The Conservatory at Gabbinbar Homestead
Visitors laughing with newly wed in the garden
Beautiful set-up with garden theme decorations
White table napkin with glass and white candles as centerpiece
Guestlist board with flowers on the top
Bride and groom with their bridesmaids and groomsmen
Couple kissing in front of their wedding cake
Couple with their bridesmaids and groomsmen linking arms
Bride and groom hold hands while looking at each other
Couple kissing while dancing in the middle of the night



Bride's Gown: Karen Willis Holmes
Bridesmaid's Gown: LJC
Groom's Suit: Giorgio Armani
Groom's Party Suit: MJ Bale


James & Brooke
James & Brooke

James & Brooke

Autumn 2019

James and Brooke’s love story started with a little help from cupid the matchmaker. Their first date was an arranged date at a local bar in Toowoomba, Muller Bros. After searching through the crowd, James and Brooke were relieved to finally find each other on the rooftop bar. James and Brooke just clicked and from the beginning, they knew they would be great friends and today they are best friends.

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Stuart & Eden
Stuart & Eden

Stuart & Eden

Spring 2018

Stuart and Eden met in the Summer of 2014 at one of Brisbane’s finest tapas bars. They ate, they drank, they laughed and before they knew it, it was almost midnight, they were completely lost in one another’s presence – this was the start of their forever!

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