Our Top Three Wedding Planning Tips

Our Top 3 Wedding Planning Tips

03 April 2019
3 tips that will have you wedding planning like a boss

The world of wedding planning can be an overwhelming one and sometimes you can be inundated with so much advice that you send yourself into a tailspin. The Gabbinbar Homestead Wedding Planning Team have you covered, we do this for a living and, to be honest we’re kind of kicking butt at it. So here are our 3 wedding planning tips that every newly engaged couple must know.

1. Get organised.

Ok, so this tip might seem pretty obvious but we’ve seen so many couples start their wedding planning on the back foot, with scraps of paper from woe to go. Our recommendation is to ditch the paper and get savvy with excel. Keep everything documented in the one spreadsheet, create your to-do list, keep track of your guest list and of course manage your budget. If you are getting married at Gabbinbar Homestead we have this sorted for you, it’s called ‘My Gabbinbar’, a virtual wedding planning software. ‘My Gabbinbar’ helps you and your fiancé manage your wedding, keep in contact with our Wedding Planning Team and provides immediate access to important information about your wedding from wherever you are.

2. Don’t rush into decisions.

When you are making your to-do list make sure you jot down when each item has to be done by. Space everything out so you’re not finding yourself having to make three big decisions all in the same week – that is way too stressful! Relax, plan your time and don’t crack under pressure.

3. Figure out your social media strategy.

So, this piece of advice is something that we have been telling couples only in recent years but it’s such an important one. Couples sometimes overlook social media thinking that it’s not that important. There is nothing worse than your guests plastering pictures all over social media when you’d actually prefer to keep things a little more private. So, make sure you have the discussion with your fiancé before your big day. Work out if you would like to keep things private with an unplugged wedding or if you would like to tell the world and let people tag away with a hashtag. The decision is completely yours just make sure you are on the same page as your better-half when your wedding day comes around.


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