Our Top Three Winter Wedding Trends

Our Top Three Winter Wedding Trends

24 APRIL 2018
Having A Winter Wedding? Here’s Some Ideas For Your Special Day

Yes, it’s true, Winter is around the corner but lets us be honest, you won’t hear anyone complaining at Gabbinbar Homestead. Winter weddings at Gabbinbar Homestead are simply magical, there is no sign of “Frosty the Snowman” around here… It is all luxurious style and our gardens are scattered with elegant touches such as the delicate leaves with gold and silver tones. We are so lucky to have distinct seasons in Toowoomba, making it the perfect Winter wedding destination. Here are our top three Winter wedding trends which we are a little bit obsessed with right now.

1. Dark, moody and intimate styling.

It may be cold outside but you can create a warm, intimate and moody wedding reception by incorporating some darker tones into your styling. Dark table cloths can add depth and really provide the wow factor you're looking for. Finish the look with touches of gold throughout your cutlery and you are left with a cosy yet stylish atmosphere.

Classic Set up Tables and Chairs
Plate and Glasses on The Table
Candles and Flowers on The Table

2. Elegant fur wraps and breathtaking long-sleeved wedding dresses.

Nothing says “cosy Winter wedding” like faux fur accents draped over your dining chairs. Not to mention a fur wrap keeps you warm during the cooler months but it also adds the touch of chic you are looking for. Oh, and don’t get us started on beautiful long-sleeved wedding dresses, we have certainly seen some showstoppers walk through the doors of Gabbinbar Homestead during Winter. Yes, we know they are practical for a little added warmth but we love that they allow you to show off your curves with form-fitting silhouettes, all while maintaining an enchanting allure.

Bride and 2 Ladies Wearing Faux Fur
Bride in White Gown and Wearing Flower Crown
Bride Holding Her Wedding Bouquet

3. Warm and filling home-style cooking.

Cooler temperatures and warm home-style cooking are a match made in heaven. When the temperature drops, your guests will be warm and toasty at Gabbinbar Homestead with our hearty home-style menu. Word is spreading and we are starting to get quite a name for ourselves but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Everyone’s talking about our generous portions and the comfort of our wholesome home-style cooking menu which is packed full of flavour.

Main Course Meal
Meal on The Table
Meal with Leaves on Top


Endless Photograph Opportunities At Gabbinbar Homestead

Endless Photograph Opportunities At Gabbinbar Homestead

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Imagination Run Wild As We Take You On A Tour Of Our Gardens

We’re sure every bride-to-be has spent many nights dreaming of their wedding album. Read on and let your imagination run wild as we show you the endless photograph opportunities you’ll find at Gabbinbar Homestead. Believe it or not, all the photos you see below are taken on the 25-acre Gabbinbar Homestead estate; we give you the flexibility to create the wedding album you want. Our gardens provide a backdrop which is timeless and most importantly, the elegant simplicity of the gardens doesn’t detract from our newlywed couples.

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Give A Gift That Lasts A Lifetime

Give A Gift That Lasts A Lifetime

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