Instagramable desserts

Take a look at Gabbinbar Homestead’s totally Instagramable dessert menu

9 May 2018
A dessert menu to satisfy the sweetest of sweet-tooths

Consider yourself to have a bit of a sweet tooth? Well, you’re certainly in for a real treat when dessert is served at Gabbinbar Homestead. We have three mouth-watering options when it comes to your dessert menu – a classic plated dessert, the Gabbinbar dessert bar and our most recent addition, the vintage ice cream station! Of course, your wedding cake is still the number one wedding dessert but we also offer a medley of other desserts to complement your cake and spoil your guests.

Introducing Gabbinbar Homestead's vintage ice cream station.

The latest addition to the Gabbinbar Homestead dessert menu is our vintage trike which is stocked to the brim with burnt fig ice cream, vanilla-bean ice cream and raspberry sorbet. Ice creams will be served to your guests in waffle cones complete with a delicious range of toppings. Our vintage trike is now available for all weddings as an option under our hugely popular 'crowd pleaser' menu.  

Our plated desserts – we’ve put a modern twist on your classic favourites.

Our plated desserts combine our favourite things; flowers and indulgent, sugary goodness. No, that’s not a typo, all of our classic platted desserts include a floral element infused into the desert. ‘Honeycomb & Lavender’ is always a winner – lavender and honey crème brûlée, honeycomb and burnt fig ice cream. Or maybe our ‘Chocolate & Rose’ might tickle your fancy – dark couverture chocolate tart, cocoa sorbet, rose malto, rose fairy floss and crisp meringue.

The totally Instagramable Gabbinbar dessert bar.

The Gabbinbar dessert bar will delight your guests with abundance, not to mention its Insta-worthy status. With all of your favourite desserts on one table in miniature form, guests can pick and choose what they would like to have. This is a great option to ensure your guests' party the night away. The dessert bar provides the perfect opportunity for your guests to have a quick break from the dance floor and grab a sweet bite to eat.

All of these dessert options are available in addition to your wedding cake which our chefs will cut and beautifully display on platters for your guests.

Ice cream with a twist
Delicious desserts


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