The Hottest Wedding Styling Trends You’Ll See In 2019

The Hottest Wedding Styling Trends You’ll See In 2019

06 March 2019
Here are 3 wedding styling trends which are here to stay in 2019

1. Wild unstructured bouquets.

The unstructured, free-flowing bouquet used to be something we only saw in bohemian themed weddings. Well, in 2019 it’s all about to change, wild and organic bouquets will be popping up no matter what the wedding theme is. The unruly nature of an unstructured bouquet is a work of art in itself and adds a whole new dimension to your styling. A free-flowing bouquet can still fit into an elegant themed wedding provided you keep the colour palette simple to give it that classic look.

Hottest Styling Trends In 2019/Wild Unstructured Bouquets

2. Pops of colour throughout your day.

Mixing neutrals with pops of colour is a trend which will gain momentum this year. Adding pops of colour to your wedding day styling is a great option if you’re a little intimidated by colour. Just think… a neutral bouquet mixed with a brightly coloured hero flower! Or what about incorporating bright florals and mix them with our white tiffany chairs and white table linen? Remember don’t be scared of colour, colour is an ideal way to inject your own personality to your styling.

Pops Of Colour

3. Combining different textures.

Add depth and interest to your styling by taking advantage of texture. Texture is the underdog of the styling world and we think it deserves a lot more credit. Stuck for ideas when it comes to texture? Sometimes texture can be as easy as adding a handmade paper menu to each place setting or adding a linen napkin or rattan charger plate. A great place to start with texture is incorporating our timber top tables into your wedding reception styling. Our wooden tables instantly add a level of depth and texture to your styling, the perfect building blocks for your beautiful wedding theme.

Combining Different Textures

Sometimes the world of wedding styling can be a little overwhelming for couples. The Wedding Planning team are here to help make this process as smooth as possible. If you have some thoughts on what styling you would like at your wedding why not bounce some ideas around with the Wedding Planning team at Gabbinbar Homestead? We’re always free to talk wedding styling.


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