The Real Meaning Behind Popular Wedding Traditions

The real meaning behind popular wedding traditions

13 September 2018
Have you ever thought why does the bride really toss her bouquet?
If there is one event that is rich with tradition it would have to be a wedding. We’ve seen beautiful traditional weddings here at Gabbinbar Homestead through to more modern weddings with just a hint of tradition scattered throughout the day. Whether you’re a traditionalist or a modern bride, have you ever thought what do these traditions really mean? Well, here’s the down-low on all the wedding traditions we’ve come to know and love.

1. Bridesmaids dresses.

Bridesmaid’s all wearing the same dress is a tradition beginning around the Ancient Roman times. Not only would bridesmaids dress like each other, but also just like the bride so the bridesmaids acted as decoys. Essentially, weddings back in those days were likely to be invaded by evil spirits. The purpose of the bridesmaids was to confuse these evil spirits for long enough that the bridal couple were able to tie the knot without disruption or evil hailing down on them.
Wedding Ceremony In The Garden
Photo Credit: Kait Photography

2. The cutting of the wedding cake.

If there is one wedding tradition which has truly lasted the test of time, we’d say it’s the wedding cake. Stylish, decadent and sometimes almost too pretty to eat, the wedding cake always makes a statement at any wedding with guests usually oohing and ahhing as they catch a glimpse of the cake. We mustn’t forget though; the cutting of the wedding cake symbolizes the first activity completed as a couple, a special moment gracing many wedding albums.
Couple Kissing In Wedding Reception
Photo Credit: Tom Hall

3. Your first dance.

Back in the days of Kings and Queens the first dance was used to open a ball or a special event. This special occasion was led by the guest of honor, usually someone very high on the social ladder or even from the royal family. Hence, the first dance was the grand opening for the ball and now it has evolved into a tradition at our modern-day wedding.
Couple Dancing While Kissing

4. The famous bouquet toss.

This tradition comes from back in the day in England when wedding guests believed that grabbing a piece of the bride would bring them luck. Believe it or not guests would physically try to rip off pieces of the bride's dress. So, in the early days the bride threw the bouquet to try and distract the guests tugging on her beautiful wedding dress (we don’t blame her).
Girls Catching Brides Bouquet
Photo Credit: Prue Franzmann


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