Three Spring Wedding Colour Schemes We’re a Little Bit Obsessed With

Three spring wedding colour schemes we’re a little bit obsessed with

18 September 2018
Picture perfect styling for your Spring wedding
Spring weddings at Gabbinbar Homestead are simply beautiful. We love watching as our garden comes alive with gorgeous coloured blooms spotted throughout the 25-acre estate. We also see our Spring brides reveal some drop-dead-gorgeous styling when it comes to dressing our venue. It’s been difficult but we’ve managed to narrow down our three favourite Spring wedding colour schemes. If you’re planning a Spring wedding here is some styling inspiration to get your imagination running wild.

1. Soft pinky blush tones.

We were speechless when we walked into the ‘Conservatory’ and saw these beautiful pinky blush tones draped throughout our venue. We love how the light tones of these florals really pop against the dark green foliage. The styling options in our ‘Conservatory’ are endless, you can suspend floral arrangements from the ceiling, wrap the pillars with greenery just to name a few. Have we mentioned the bridesmaids yet? Pretty in pink, they looked stunning walking down the aisle at Gabbinbar Homestead. This is a Spring style we certainly expect to see a lot more of.
Floral Arrangements Of Different Flowers
Floral Arrangements In A Pillar
Bride And Bridesmaids Holding Bouquet Of Flowers
Photo Credit: Kait Photography

2. Luscious purples mixed with berry pinks.

If you’re looking for a little colour but don’t want to go overboard with your styling this colour scheme is perfect for you. By selecting colours which are side-by-side on the colour wheel you can still create impact without feeling overwhelmed. The purple and berry pink colours tone beautifully and even match with the bride’s lipstick. We’d always recommend carrying through your theme and using the same flowers on your wedding cake as your bouquet. It allows for a seamless flow between your ceremony and reception.
Bride Holding Bouquet Of Flowers
Arranged Flowers As A Background
Purples Mixed With Berry Pinks Flowers In A Cake
Photo Credit: Heart and Colour

3. Gorgeous pastel candy shades.

Light blues and purples mixed with pinks and apricots creates a striking combination similar to a bag of candy. With this colour scheme the goal is for everything not to match so be brave and mix colours with textures to create a relaxed wildflower theme. We also love how the vessels used on the tables are all different shapes and sizes, it adds a whole new dimension to your styling.
List Of Menu
Arrangement Of Different Flowers
3 Ladies Holding A Beautiful Bouquet
Photo Credit: Jess Jackson Photography


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