Wedding Bouquet Inspiration For The Modern Bride

Wedding Bouquet Inspiration and Ideas For The Modern Bride

14 November 2018
Three Bouquets Which Are Pushing The Non-Traditional Boundaries

When it comes to wedding bouquets the choices really are endless. The flowers you choose really enhance the theme or feel you are trying to create for your wedding. For example, just with the addition of a tumbling, wildflower bouquet, you can create a bohemian feel to your special day. We love that our brides are pushing the boundaries and thinking outside the box when it comes to their bouquet. Here are three wedding bouquets for the modern bride who really wants to make a statement on her wedding day.

1. Colour blocking isn’t just a fashion trend.

Did you know colour blocking isn’t just a trend for your wardrobe? That’s right, if you group similar colours within your bouquet together you will be left with a striking bouquet that really gets your wedding guests talking. The rich pink, red and cream tones grouped together in this bouquet make for a jaw-dropping combo, don’t you think?

Photography: Kait Photography
Floral Arrangements In Different Colours
Different Colours Flower Bouquet

2. Don’t be scared of texture.

All white bouquets are far from boring in our books. It provides more opportunity to mix different textures to give your bouquet an elegant yet slightly edgy finish. Be bold and select a statement flower such as the white protea below and build your bouquet out from there. The bouquet below has a gorgeous shape created by the cascading greenery and elegant roses.

Photography: Ivory and Rose Photography
Sweet Couple With White Flowers Bouquet
White Flower Bouquet On The Floor

3. Be brave when it comes to colour.

We love this style of bouquet particularly if your wedding dress has a sleek or simple design. This allows all the more room for bright colours, memorizing texture and bold stems for your bouquet. With the mix of pink tones, this bouquet really packs a punch and the purple toned foliage well, what can we say, it’s simply stunning! This is a bouquet that pushes the boundaries and we just can’t get enough of it, we’re sure you would agree.

Photography: Dan VonHoff Photography
Floral Arrangements Of Different Kinds Of Flowers
Floral Arrangements In Pink


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